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2025 May Holidays in Florida by TailorMadeFlorida.com

2025 May Holidays in Florida

May Holidays in Florida 2025 are considered to be the perfect mid-year break, if you can travel early May 2025 then this helps with the pricing as there are always great deals on offer. However like most travelling to Florida in May if you are looking to cover the half term then with a little may florida holidaysFlorida knowledge and flexibility with travel dates we feel confident we can provide your Disney magical Florida holiday to live up to all your expectations and budgets. 2025 May half term school holidays are very popular dates, most families will travel just prior to the schools breaking up, so booking early to cover key dates is essential for those direct flights on Virgin Atlantic and British Airways into Orlando. A very popular choice for families with older children is to break the journey using one of our other airlines partners such as United Airlines and take a 3 or 4 night stop in New York on route to Orlando, taking in one of the worlds iconic cities within your magical Florida holiday.

Why visit in May?

There are a number of strong reasons to visit Florida in May maybe the children wish to visit the awesome Despicable Me at Universal Orlando, take part in the Minion Mayhem at one of the newest attractions. If its the Mouse and Disney you need then the Disney parks and attractions can have less crowds during the UK May school holidays compared to other holidays. Weather is a major key, as its warm with blue sunny skies, this leads onto why May is such a great time to pop over to the Gulf Coast giving you a Twin Centre Florida Holiday full of adrenaline and beaches. Interests for May 2025 is also very high plan ahead book and save. Book for your holiday to Florida in May 2025 using British Airways or Virgin Atlantic allows you the opportunity of flying to Tampa or Orlando and staying in Orlando and on the Gulf Coast to soak up some of the worlds best beaches.

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Selected choices for your 2025 May Florida Holiday?

The choices are vast and that is where speaking with those that have been and can recommend based on their own experiences means so much to your Florida holiday The DoubleTree Hilton at SeaWorld in Orlando places you directly in the heart of the magic, this is just one of many hotels we can recommend. This recently renovated hotel offers comfort and convenience for that perfect May Florida holiday.

Take a break from theme parks and head to the Gulf Coast of Florida then why not try out Fort Myers, with its white sandy beaches and breath taking sunsets, Ft Myers offers championship Golf courses, activities, historic downtown area where you will find a good selection of bars, restaurants and shops, there is even a playground on the beach for the little ones. How about staying right on the beach at the Outrigger Beach Resort with its array of water sports and surrounding beach areas - Lovers Key State Park, Sanibel Island and Captiva Island, you will be spoilt for choice.

Alternative events taking place in May

may florida holidays

The theme parks will always provide fantastic options in Florida but if you want to see something a bit more special, you are in luck if you visit in May.

The Florida Folk Festival takes place in May in the Stephen Foster Folk Culture Centre State Park. The past few years has seen at last 8 stages being set up hosting live shows, speakers, demonstrations, workshops and a whole host of historical events. If you want to get in touch with the past, this event is likely to be one of the best you will find.

However, if you want to see what is very much now and what is going to be relevant in the future, Miami Fashion Week will grab your interest. This is one of the biggest fashion events in the world and it places considerable focus on the style of clothes that are hip and relevant in Miami. This means that your winter wardrobe will not be expanded by what is on offer, it is may florida holidaysall about the sunshine and party vibes. These festivals and attractions more than justify the decision to book a flight to Florida in May.

How to get to Florida in May

When it comes to getting to Florida in May, there is no doubt that the wide range of May flights to Florida provide more than enough opportunities. As Virgin Atlantic gold achievement award winners, we can offer some unbeatable flights with Virgin direct from either London or Manchester to Orlando International airport.

For those that would like to visit the Gulf Coast then British Airways direct into Tampa makes a perfect choice. If you would like to visit the Keys, then United Airlines offer flights into Key West Airport from the UK with one change on route.

may florida holidays

All of our offers and prices are subject to our terms and conditions and availability at the time of booking. Various travel dates apply, and offers are normally based on maximum occupancy for accommodation. If any offer is not exactly what you are looking for, or you would like alternative hotels/locations/airports, please contact us and one of our specialist travel consultants will create your holiday to suit your requirements.